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Sanctuary: Shattered Sun demo at PAX Aus!

As reported last week, Sanctuary: Shattered Sun will be at PAX Aus 2023. The dev team have been hard at work preparing for this event and they have an incredible opportunity for those excited about Sanctuary.

At PAX Aus 2023 you will be able to see Sanctuary: Shattered Sun first hand and be some of the first people on the planet to play the demo.

That's right, there will be a playable demo of Sanctuary: Shattered Sun available at PAX Aus 2023. Enhearten Media (the company behind Sanctuary) Director Nine2 said:
Hey guys we are headed to PAX to showcase Sanctuary, in Melbourne from Oct 6 - 8.
PAX is the biggest gaming convention in the southern hemisphere with about 110k people attending.

We will have The Demo there, so you will be able to see Sanctuary with your own eyes and PLAY IT!
I will be attending with Nate (programmer) and Avitus (Chosen modeller) - to answer all of your questions.

So if you are in Melbourne, pop along, don't be shy, come and say hi and tell us who you are!

I never thought I'd feel jealous of Australia. I am now!
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Okay, that's cool, and not at all racist towards non-Australians. ;) But, all joking aside, when do we think the actual demo will land?
I only wish I was able to get to this event. Being able to see the game hands-on would be amazing. I think it is great that those who are able to attend this event may have the chance to give the demo a try.

Any news on when the demo will be available more widely or is that still something we are waiting to hear?
I was told NOT to quote this, but:

"i suspect you will get it by march. dont quote me!"

(from an unnamed developer - definitely NOT @nine2)​
Sounds promising. Still a little way off so plenty of time for them to get it ready and somewhat stable for a beta. Time does fly though so if it ends up being around that time, it will soon be here before we know it!
Excited for Sanctuary: Shattered Sun at PAX Aus 2023! The dev team's dedication is truly admirable, and the fact that we'll get to witness this incredible game firsthand and even play the demo is mind-blowing. Wish I could attend it in person and witness history being written. If you're someone living in Melbourne during Oct 6 - 8, don't miss this golden opportunity to meet the team, ask your burning questions, and experience the game yourself.
Personally, I wouldn't be happy to miss out on this opportunity to be involved in playing of this demo for Sanctuary: Shattered Sun at PAX Aus 2023. I always love being among the one's that have the first taste when it comes to trying out new games because it's how we viewed the game that might bring in any new changes in the game. I'm still not ruling it out being at this event, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Afraid attending any conventions at the moment is beyond my time and what my wallet can afford 😅

But I wish the best to the dev team to get a huge turn out that spreads the word of the game :)

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