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Interviewing Brad Rebh - Lead Designer of Forged Alliance


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Aug 2, 2023
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Excellent interview where the boys pin down Brad Rebh and get his take on Sanctuary: Shattered Sun so far. The enthusiasm this development team have for their project is palpable.

I always love to see how much enthusiasm and how positive the development team is when they are working on a game that has not been released yet.

Seeing just how positive they are gives me high hopes for the release but also makes me want to stay patient for the release as well.
Patience is a virtue. I agree with @Al, the enthusiasm is glaringly obvious. I have high hope this won't be released until it's perfect.
You can tell the devs are pouring their hearts and souls into this project and it's not going to be rushed out the door. A good game takes time, these guys know what they're doing. I'm really thinking this is going to be the first RTS game I play, I've actually never played a RTS game before.
From they are vibing in the interview, it's very obvious these guys really know exactly what they want to do with those game. They are not very convinced, their body language will definitely sell them out. I'm happy to see they are very pumped for this game.

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