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Sanctuary Shattered Sun - Developer Q&A coming soon.

The Steam Strategy Fest is underway, presenting an exclusive chance for gamers to gain an early glimpse of highly anticipated strategy games, including Sanctuary: Shattered Sun.

As reported earlier, Sanctuary Shattered Sun will be a part of the Steam Strategy Fest, taking place from August 28th to September 4th.


As a highlight of the festival, the team behind Sanctuary Shattered Sun will be holding a special developers panel. During this session, they will be answering questions and delving into discussions about the game.

Don't miss it! Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 2nd, at 18:00 UTC. The event will be hosted on the official Discord.

For those of you wondering what 18:00 UTC might be:

19:00 / 7PM London, United Kingdom
14:00 / 2PM New York City, USA
11:00 / 11AM Los Angeles, USA
04:00 / 4AM Sydney, Australia
03:00 / 3AM Tokyo, Japan
20:00 / 8PM Moscow, Russia
15:00 / 3PM São Paulo, Brazil
20:00 / 8PM Cape Town, South Africa
21:00 / 9PM Berlin, Germany
21:00 / 9PM Paris, France
15:00 / 3PM Toronto, Canada
14:00 / 2PM Mexico City, Mexico
22:00 / 10PM Istanbul, Turkey
16:00 / 4PM Buenos Aires, Argentina
20:00 / 8PM Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
21:00 / 9PM Rome, Italy
21:00 / 9PM Madrid, Spain

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